Empowering managers, HR professionals and many more to support their colleagues through coaching.

A world class range of coaching and mentoring training courses, designed to support your organisation in benefitting from the widespread benefits of coaching.

Our 21 years’ experience in delivering a full range of workplace coaching programmes has taught us that any employee can greatly benefit from some dedicated, personalised coaching support. While our expert coaches are best equipped to provide the highest level of coaching and mentoring, we also recognise that coaching is a skill that any employee can acquire.

A manager or HR professional who is a good coach will create a culture where employees trust each other, and value other team members’ performances as much as their own. Here at Engage Coaching, we offer a unique portfolio of carefully tailored coaching skills training courses, each designed to support a specific staffing group. We can also design and deliver bespoke training programmes, based your unique business needs.

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Coaching Skills for Managers

Coaching is a powerful management skill, to help leaders at all levels to support the personal development of their team members, problem-solve and innovate. This unique course has been designed to develop the skills for managers to use coaching effectively to manage their teams on a day-to-day basis.

This fully interactive, facilitator-led course has been designed to develop managers’ capability to use coaching as a leadership style and an approach to manage a full range of scenarios such as:

  • Resolving conflict
  • Problem-solving
  • Supporting personal development
  • Creating a culture of innovation
  • Influencing others

Coaching Skills for People Professionals

Coaching is an essential skill in today’s workplace, as it encourages self-reflection, and drives ownership and responsibility. People Professionals have a unique opportunity to role model a coaching approach across their organisations to support people development, solve key problems and challenges and increase innovation for both individuals and teams.

Adding coaching skills to your toolbox of people skills will enable you to support managers and leaders more effectively, improving their confidence to develop others, lead change and deal with challenges faced by their teams. This course is designed to give you practical tools and techniques to develop core coaching skills to support your role as a People Professional.

This interactive course can be delivered online or in-person to support People Professionals’ capability to adopt a coaching approach when working with their teams, as well as with the people, teams, and leaders they support.

Your objectives:

  • To develop a set of core coaching skills that can be applied in daily conversations, aligning with the principle of a transformational culture.
  • To develop an understanding of what coaching is and what the benefits of adopting a coaching style are.
  • To develop an understanding of core coaching models and frameworks, and how to apply them in conversations to get the most out of teams and individuals.
  • To understand how to use coaching to support others during challenging times, with a specific focus on performance management, conflict, and/or change.
  • To understand key behavioural drivers so we can better manage our own responses to situations/events and support others to do the same.
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HR as Coach & Mediator

HR as Coach & Mediator™ provides delegates with the skills to be able to respond calmly and neutrally during the various stages of conflict. It looks at a range of active listening and reframing skills to move a situation forward, to understand how to create and manage boundaries and set clear goals that enable our teams to lead by example.

By combining Emotional Intelligence with theories such as ‘Positive Psychology’, it also enables HR and ER professionals to provide coaching and support for managers to help them secure constrictive outcomes without the need for recourse to formal grievance, disciplinary or performance management procedures.

The 2 day programme consists of 5 key modular units:

  • Shaping conflict to resolution
  • Listening to understand (active listening and the mediation framework)
  • Coaching conversations
  • Emotional intelligence and how we can use it in our roles
  • Applying Positive Psychology to coach and lead our teams

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