Workplace Conflict Coaching

Build the courage and capabilities for resolution that lasts.

Conflict coaching is a powerful tool to help staff resolve existing issues and to prevent further disputes from escalating. Build towards a positive outcome!

With a team of the world’s most experienced conflict coaches, we work with employees experiencing a full range of disputes with their colleagues.


Across all our coaching services, we work to unlock an individual’s potential to maximise their own performance and help them to learn. We know that powerful coaching comes from the art of facilitating a conversation and helping the coachee to learn and develop in a particular area.

We achieve this by asking the right, empathic questions and reflecting back what the coachee has said. These practices are especially useful for those involved in conflict as they allow for the individual to build up the courage and capabilities to become able to discuss the conflict with the other person.

Feedback from those who have taken part in a conflict coaching programme report that they become able to:

  • Develop a broader perspective of a situation
  • Achieve a mutually beneficial resolution
  • Prevent future conflicts from escalating too far
  • Practice saying what they want to say to the other person(s)

“Conflict coaching offers the opportunity for someone experiencing conflict to ‘think at the speed of speech’ and that helps to calm negative automatic thoughts to a manageable pace. This more measured pace allows for discussion with a neutral and objective coach/mediator in a psychologically safe and confidential space.”

David Liddle, CEO & chief consultant at The TCM Group

How we support individuals and teams through workplace conflict coaching

Conflict can be complex. For that reason, it can be sometimes beneficial to get some additional support.

Conflict coaching can be combined with other dispute resolution techniques, such as mediation, to help shift their perspectives before the process takes place; and to fully embed their action points after resolution has been made.

We also offer standalone conflict coaching in a full range of situations. These programmes may be suited to individuals involved in lower-level conflicts, which haven’t yet triggered resolution; or for certain individuals who seem more prone to becoming involved in disputes with their colleagues.

Whatever the scenario, our expert conflict coaches will support the individuals involved with the programme, through:

  • Identifying their own interests and needs
  • Providing the space to think at the speed of speech
  • Embedding key action points
  • Shaping their mindset and confidence
  • Replacing habitual behaviours with more beneficial ones

Your conflict coaching journey



Based on the unique dispute, and type of employee(s) involved we’ll assign our most suitably qualified and experienced conflict coach, based on their specialisms and sector experience.



In every case, the assigned coach will work with the individual(s) involved with the conflict, and identify their core goals. The coach will also seek to explore what a favourable outcome for them might be. They shall then outline a detailed plan around how such goals may be achieved.



Workplace conflict coaching sessions each typically last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Our dedicated coach will work with all parties from the outset to plan the best structure, number of sessions and desired duration.



Progress is assessed during each session. Although confidential, overall progress may be shared with the individual’s manager, if permission is given.



It may also be helpful to have conversations, with relevant colleagues before, during, and after the conflict coaching programme to evaluate the success of the programme and need for further development.

Would coaching be helpful for your scenario?

Our experienced core team are on hand to answer any questions, divulge more information, and share experiences of coaching. Just get in touch to speak to a member of the team.