Performance Coaching

Our coaches support colleagues and leaders to meet their career goals.

By matching the right coach to the right individual, we bring out the very best in people.

Need support to reach your goals and career dreams?

We know that every person is unique. We all have our own individual drivers for performance, uniquely nuanced working relationships and room for personal growth. It’s hard not to agree that every one of us could benefit from some guidance and structured support to start us on that journey.

During the sessions, our coaches help support the individuals in understanding the competencies needed in meeting their goals, and developing a clear, structured strategy to make this a reality.

Whatever the scenario, from career progression or when looking to adjust to new challenges and responsibilities, our team of expert coaches are equipped to provide tailored support, across a full range of scenarios, including:

  • Creating a better awareness of strengths and weaknesses
  • Improve goal-setting capabilities
  • Boosting leadership confidence and presence
  • Building adaptability, authenticity, and effectiveness
  • Enabling greater fulfilment within a chosen role

Want to protect your working relationships from stress and strain?

Good relationships are the key to success and happiness across all areas of our lives and the workplace is no exception to this rule. Happy, rewarding and collaborative relationships are key to business success and employee wellbeing.

As with all relationships, workplace relations are susceptible to damage. This may occur due to an especially stressful situation, changes to organisational structure, misaligned priorities or personality differences. Whatever the cause, relationship coaching offers a highly effective tool to repair the damage, and build a resilient, collaborative and fulfilling relationship.

Got a goal of maximising your potential and excelling in your role?

It goes without saying that coaching is a powerful tool for executive leadership development and can be delivered on a standalone basis or alongside an extensive range of leadership development options.

Our team of executive coaches are on hand to provide 1-1 support and professional development, for leaders at all levels within your organisation.

This style of coaching focuses on enhancing the leader’s strengths and building key competencies needed to achieve strategic business objectives. Our expert coaches will work with your organisation to ensure that the individual’s goals always link back and support the organisational objectives.

How the individual coaching process works

A typical individual coaching programme will take place over a period of 3-6 months; however, our approach can be flexible depending on the available time and budget.

After the initial assignment, we will look at what the individual goal is, prior to helping the coachee to understand the competencies needed to meet their goal and identify gaps in their strategy to make it a reality.

Individual coaching sessions typically last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Our dedicated coach will work with your organisation, the employee, and any relevant manager(s) to determine the best structure, number of sessions and desired duration.

Your individual coaching journey



Based on the unique goals, and type of employee involved we’ll assign our most suitably qualified and experienced coach, based on their specialisms and sector experience.



In every case, the assigned coach will work with the individual and identify their core goals. They shall then outline a detailed plan around how such goals may be achieved.



Workplace coaching sessions typically last up to 90 minutes. Our dedicated coach will work with you from the outset to plan the best structure, number of sessions and desired duration.



Progress is assessed during each session. Although confidential, overall progress may be shared with the individual’s manager, if permission is given.



It may also be helpful to have conversations, with relevant colleagues before, during, and after the coaching programme to evaluate the success of the programme and need for further development.

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