Group Coaching Programmes

We work with groups to improve interactions and dynamics.

Group coaching carries all the benefits of our individual coaching programmes, applied to groups with a common interest.

Expertly delivered group coaching services

…to help build deeper relationships and connections amongst colleagues.

Our group coaching services offer an efficient and valuable means for coaching a group of individuals with similar backgrounds and goals.

In doing so, we combine all the benefits of individual coaching with the supportive and collaborative environment that working with other like-minded individuals brings.

Group coaching also allows for parties to learn from each other and the interactions that often take place within a group setting, which may not regularly transpire in individual working relationships. Our expert coaches spend time observing group dynamics, how employees interact with each other at work, in meetings, or facilitated sessions.

How do our group coaching services help?

We deliver our coaching services to groups in a full range of scenarios. Group members don’t necessarily need to work together but will come together with a common interest. Examples of groups which we commonly work with alongside include:

  • A group of new leaders, taking on a line management responsibility for the first time
  • Heads of various teams, e.g. Head of HR, Head of Operations, Head of Marketing; who are working in silos, but should really be collaborating
  • Newly hired employees, all seeking to adjust to a new working culture

Whatever the scenario, our expert group coach will speak to one individual at a time, initially, each of which are observed by the rest of the group. They will then move on to involve multiple group members together, to help them learn from each other.

Our world class team of group coaches help support groups, with shared goals, of any kind, to:

  • Promote systems and strategic thinking.
  • Increase their problem solving, planning and teamwork skills.
  • Build deeper relationships and connections with others.
  • Become better able to reflect, reframe, question, problem-solve, plan and manage time.
  • Develop finesse in presentation, facilitation and communication.

… and so much more!




Based on the collective goals, and type of employees allocated to the group we’ll assign our most suitably qualified and experienced group coach, based on their specialisms and sector experience.



In every case, the assigned coach will work with the individuals involved with the coaching programme and identify their core goals. They shall then outline a detailed plan around how such goals (both individual and collective) may be achieved.



Our group coaching sessions each typically last between 90 minutes and 2 hours. Our dedicated coach will work with all parties from the outset to plan the best structure, number of sessions and desired duration.



Progress is assessed during each session. Although confidential, overall progress may be shared with each individual’s manager, if permission is given.



It may also be helpful to have conversations, with relevant colleagues before, during, and after the group coaching programme to evaluate the success of the programme and need for further development.

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