Looking for some statistics to support your coaching investment? Look no further!

The human impact

  • When employee training is supported by coaching, it leads to an increase of 88% in productivity, versus the 23% observed through training alone.
  • 80% of those coached saw improved self confidence.
  • 73% of those coached saw improved relationships.
  • 72% saw improved communication skills.
  • 70% saw improved work performance.
  • 61% saw improved business management.
  • 57% saw improved time management.
  • 51% saw improved team performance.

The cultural investment

Studies have shown that organisations who coach their teams have a culture that:

  • Is 36% more collaborative.
  • Has 32% lower staff turnover.
  • Is 18% more likely to show improved profit.
  • Over 70% also benefit from improved work performance, better relationships, and more effective communication skills.

The business benefits

  • Recent research has shown that 86% of organisations who have used coaching say that they have made their investment back.
  • Coaching is a well proven supplement to workplace training initiatives, too. The effectiveness of company training programmes can increase from 22% to 88% when supported by strong coaching skills.
  • Only 10% of teams rate themselves as high performing prior to starting a team coaching engagement. It’s clear that the real focus should be on the power and synergy of our teams to build the best coaching cultures, and team coaching is a highly valuable tool to support with this.
  • In the best case scenario, a business demonstrated a 788% ROI on their executive coaching investment!

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