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Engage Coaching™ from The TCM Group is a human-centred collective of certified and experienced Coaches. Working with individuals, teams and organisations, we help colleagues to reach their fullest potential, achieve big goals and dream bigger. Our coaching services and skills training have been created to build actionable plans for prosperous businesses, taking you step by step through to lifelong success. We coach people, not problems.

Building actionable plans for career growth and success.

We've worked with organisations who are committed to the personal and professional development of their people for over 20 years. Our customers are global, across all sectors, many of whom are in FTSE 100. Our message is one we carry to all our customers: be the very best you can be - we'll help you get there.

Guided by expert coaches.

We offer excellent quality, psychologically safe, accessible, flexible, high challenge - high support coaching for all, not just the C-Suite. Our coaches have all obtained a recognised coaching qualification via the AC, BACP, EMCC, ICF or ILM, plus a minimum of 350 hours coaching practice. There's a wealth of experience, compassion and understanding in each of our coaches.

We believe that good coaching in a safe space is one of the most powerful ways that we can start to create positive change.


At Engage Coaching, we are coaches and we are coached. We know the impact that coaching has on us and our own organisation, and we see the impact it has on our clients and theirs. We deeply believe in and are hugely passionate about this work.

Supporting you, your people and your whole organisation.


Our coaches support people by providing them with a safe space to explore their goals, aspirations, and dreams. We encourage people to get curious about their brilliance and their flaws. We help them to explore and challenge the habits and behaviours that sometimes get in the way. We allow people time to really think, reflect and observe themselves. Regular coaching unlocks greater self-awareness, better understanding of others, higher emotional intelligence and in turn contributes to the creation of organisational cultures that put people firmly at the heart of things.

Individual Coaching
A safe space to explore and better understand your whole self at a deeper level which may support people in areas such as conflict management, personal development, working relationships, leadership, resilience.
Team Coaching
A space to build trust, agree ways of working together, support people through rapid change or turbulent times, create understanding and empathy of colleagues as humans first, or to rebuild relationships following conflict.
Group Coaching
A shared learning opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of who you are in the world, how you react and respond to others, what roles you play, and how we can build better working relationships with others.

The 7 dimensions of Engage Coaching


Our 7 coaching dimensions describe the outcomes which we focus on working towards across our full range of coaching packages. When employees, leaders and teams exhibit these capacities, the impact upon engagement, performance and wellbeing can be truly astonishing.

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Be supported to build courage to cope with changes and challenges, allowing inner brilliance to shine through.
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Deliver meaningful interactions, connect with others and sustain flow between values and culture.
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Express yourself with confidence, share diverse ideas and yield creativity, innovation and divergence.
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Build a sense of purpose to create energy and passion and to motivate performance and collaboration.
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Feel empowered to hold quality and engaging conversations to build trust, respect and accountability.
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Learn to listen to yourself and others, notice nuances and hold space for others to think with both heart and mind.
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Question and reflect on your patterns, behaviours and stories to experiment with new possibilities.
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What our customers say

Josephine Senior Primary Care Manager for Transformation, Integration and Delivery at NHS Hertfordshire & West Essex ICB

“My TCM coach has been absolutely fabulous and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. We have had a great rapport, she is very thought-provoking, motivating and she challenges me nicely. I have increased confidence, I feel happier, I feel more in control and able to prioritise my workload more easily, I have developed as a person and I am feeling more resilient.”

Juliette Staunton Senior HR Consultant at Clarke Willmott LLP

“The HR as Coach and Mediator course was a 2-day programme supported by useful resources and insightful information from the trainer. Group sessions allowed for open discussion and debate about the topics covered.”

Matt Dix People and Organisation Development Trainer and Coach at University of Birmingham

“It was a brilliant course, far exceeding my already high expectations, and such a pleasure to work with you. You pushed us hard but also gently and brought humour and focus in just the right measure, so thank you.”

Susannah Atherton HR Manager at Christina May

“The HR as Coach & Mediator course was informative, relevant, up-to-date and engaging. In a world of online learning, they managed to ensure we had the right balance of screen time, engaging conversations and content.”

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