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"“Interesting and well-presented courses which should meet their stated learning objectives. The detailed lesson plans and comprehensive speaker notes should help to ensure that the course is delivered consistently. There are also some very good handouts.""
""My TCM coach has been absolutely fabulous and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. We have had a great rapport, she is very thought-provoking, motivating and she challenges me nicely. I have increased confidence, I feel happier, I feel more in control and able to prioritise my workload more easily, I have developed as a person and I am feeling more resilient.""
Matt Dix
""It was a brilliant course, far exceeding my already high expectations, and such a pleasure to work with you. You pushed us hard but also gently and brought humour and focus in just the right measure, so thank you.""
Susannah Atherton
"“The HR as Coach & Mediator course was informative, relevant, up-to-date and engaging. In a world of online learning, they managed to ensure we had the right balance of screen time, engaging conversations and content.”"
Juliette Staunton
""The HR as Coach and Mediator course was a 2-day programme supported by useful resources and insightful information from the trainer. Group sessions allowed for open discussion and debate about the topics covered.""
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