Sarah Watts




Sarah is a talented coach who is non-judgmental and highly supportive in her approach and this is shown in her ability to create a safe bubble to explore your thoughts, goals, and aspirations. A way in which Sarah has supported me through coaching was helping me to recognise, challenge and overcome a set of rooted self-limiting beliefs which were holding me back from achieving my dreams for my life and my career. Since working with Sarah I have achieved more than I would have thought was possible, including starting my own consultancy business, achieving my postgraduate qualifications and perhaps most importantly, having a greater awareness over who I am, what I value and what I want from my life as a whole. Sarah remains one of my most trusted thinking partners, acting as my sounding board and development guru who challenges me to grow, develop and show up in the world as my authentic self and that has had a transformational impact on my life.
Coaching client

About Sarah Watts

Sarah Watts is a seasoned Senior HR Professional, qualified NLP Practitioner, ICF Accredited Certified Coach and accredited Insights Discovery Practitioner. She has over 20 years’ experience in HR across several different industries including the voluntary sector, retail, food manufacturing and the leisure and travel industry.

Sarah is skilled and experienced in transformational change, strategic planning, coaching, facilitation and employee experience and engagement, with a passion for transformation, culture, and leadership.