Jonathan Owen-Williams




I was lucky enough to recently attend a Coaching Session with Jonathan Owen-Williams. During the session, Jon helped me to explore some of the challenges we were facing with the network. His empathetic approach encouraged me to reflect on what was working and what wasn't. This style of coaching helped me discover answers from within myself, and he immediately held me accountable for implementing those insights. This personal accountability significantly aided me in prioritising my next steps and strengthened my sense of purpose. Coaching is an immensely powerful tool that can enhance our abilities, both as individuals and as a team. It enables us to continuously challenge ourselves, grow, and ultimately drive impactful and meaningful innovation. If you haven't experienced coaching yet, I wholeheartedly and heartily recommend reaching out to Jon. His coaching will assist you in exploring the problems you're facing and help you uncover solutions you didn't even know you had.
Steve Reilly, Chairman of the Innovation Champions Network
Jon is extremely personable and enthusiastic. He set me at ease straight away and I really love how he takes time to really listen to what you have to say and is excellent at reflecting my thoughts back to me, allowing me to better understand myself. I really benefited from his Coaching! Not only do I have a plan for my 2-year goal of having a successful and thriving business, but I have actionable steps to get me there. I’m really excited about our next session and building on what we’ve done so far!
Susanne Kay, Towergate Insurance
Jon really helped me to rediscover my confidence. He listens to me and reflects my own thoughts back in ways that allow for new insights. He also encourages me to challenge myself and through this I have learnt what I’m capable of and that I don’t need to “settle”. I’m so glad that I’ve found Jon as a Coach and would highly recommend him to anyone who appreciates openness, honesty, support, motivation, and challenge.
Jaqueline Hargreaves, Bella’s Interiors

About Jonathan Owen-Williams

With an exceptional track record spanning over 8 years, Jon has cultivated a reputation for driving tangible results through focused coaching methodologies. Jon’s approach centres on fostering a collaborative environment that nurtures personal and professional development. By blending astute insights and proven strategies, he guides his clients towards meaningful breakthroughs and sustainable success.

Core Competencies:

  • Professional Effectiveness
  • Leadership and Management Advancement
  • Building High-Performance Teams
  • Career Progression Strategies
  • Innovation and Change
  • Cultivating Confidence and Positive Mindsets

Jon’s coaching style marries the power of encouragement, challenge, and unwavering support. Specialising in Executive, Senior Leadership, and Transformational Coaching, he inspires clients to embrace their potential and make strategic leaps. Jon’s approach champions open dialogue, empowering clients to articulate their aspirations confidently and authentically.

Jon has led a distinguished career in the RAF. He has been involved in Op Herrick, Telic and many other operations, exercises and service including disaster relief, aeromed and repatriation. After promotion Jon was selected as an instructor and took on a variety of leadership and management roles including head of training and development for championing innovation across Defence. Jon has been coaching and mentoring for most of his career in the military and has developed and led coaching programmes across the Defence sector. He now teaches and trains other Coaches and Mentors. He is a Human Factors facilitator, supervisor and manager and lead coach for Innovation. Jon now works as a freelance Coach and Trainer and has his own business providing 1-1 leadership and executive coaching and training solutions for businesses and organisations internationally.